Know Your Chicken
Facilitating Poultry Consumers’ Ethical Decision-Making

Chicken is the most highly consumed meat in the United States, yet they receive little attention from farm animal welfare legislation. In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for transparency in food products. However, the current point-of-purchase for poultry meat in grocery stores fails to provide relevant information to consumers about the questionable methods that are used by some producers for chicken rearing, which leads to ethically-uninformed decisions by the consumers. These uninformed decisions contribute to the unethical poultry production practices by the manufacturers.

Know Your Chicken explores what a welfare-centered shopping experience would look like starting at Whole Foods. With repeated exposure, these standards can become important decision-making criteria for poultry consumers. My goal is to shift how meat is shopped for, build a stronger knowledge base for poultry consumers to become activists, and collectively shift our perception to see meat as an animal before a product.
BFA Thesis, 2022
Packaging, Environmental design, and Interaction design
Design Intervention